Our Services

Pile Mounted Docks

Piling mount boat lifts and floating steel docks are both essentials any true boat aficionado. Piling mount boat lifts are tactical devices assist in the task of getting your boat in and out of the water. At Deep Shore Marine Contracting, we have the tools and experience to assist boat owners in the construction of these specially designed docs. Our docking systems that withstand our harsh Canadian climate!

All of our docks are built with commercial grade high quality materials and are designed and installed to suit your specific shoreline configuration. Our specialized equipment and shoreline experience enable us to provide you with the perfect dock for you and your family.

For a solid, quality engineered dock built for our climate, call Deep Shore Marine Contracting today!

Pile Mounted Docks:

  • Provide a truly secure mooring
  • Mounted on bearing piles
  • Driven deep into the river bed
  • Strong welded steel substructure
  • Permanent … remain in place
  • Through all seasons
  • Allows for an extended season
  • With much less work

Floating Steel Docks:

  • Can be built in any configuration or size
  • Constructed of heavy commercial grade steel
  • Spiral welded with 24 inch steel tubing
  • Pontoon construction for superior stability
  • Anchoring system adapts to changing
  • Water level without adjustment

Erosion Control Solutions

Deep Shore Marine Contracting is your erosion control expert providing home and business owners with effective shoreline or soil control solutions. We evaluate each site individually and determine the best strategy to remediate any erosion issue. All of our equipment and materials are transported by water on our fleet of barges, minimizing disturbance to your existing landscaping, trees and already consolidated soils.

For effective, low maintenance erosion control contact Deep Shore Marine Contracting today!

Boathouse Design & Build

Deep Shore Marine Contracting designs and installs stationary boat houses that are both beautiful and functional. Our boathouses are solidly constructed to suit our extreme climate providing many years of maintenance free enjoyment. We can also restore your existing boathouse. We tailor each boathouse project to suit your shoreline and your budget. Our specialized equipment allows shoreline access during construction keeping disturbances to your landscaping and your life to a minimum.

For a well built boathouse enhancing your shoreline call Deep Shore Marine Contracting today!

Septic Systems Design & Installation

Deep Shore Marine Contracting offers septic systems installations. As an experienced and licensed septic system installer, Deep Shore Marine Contracting designs, specifies and installs all types of septic systems based on your unique site requirements.

Excavation Services

Deep Shore Marine Contracting offers general excavating services. We provide a comprehensive range of residential and commercial excavating services including dredging, site prep, trenching, driveways, backfill and basements.

Architectural Landscaping

Deep Shore Marine Contracting undertakes a wide variety of landscaping projects for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you require a new walkway or stone patio or your plans call for complex grading or a stone retaining wall we can get it done. We have the specialized equipment and the experience to create the landscape you have always wanted.